Friday, August 22, 2008

Our first post!

Hey, it's our first post on our new This Is Not IKEA blog!

We'll be posting on new furniture or accessories that we just found, stuff that we love, postings and photos of mid century, retro and modern furniture and design, as well as other random stuff we run across in the world.  Maybe stories about some of our clients, or random design tips.  (or maybe a song we really like, who knows?)

Check out our website at for more info on us and to see our inventory of stuff.  And post on our blog if you've bought stuff from us before.  We're blogging to get feedback from you!

So here goes.

First, let's start off easy by showing you a couple of things we just bought that we love.  Check out our site for 2000 other things we have for sale along side these cool new items.  We have everything from vintage industrial steel desks to artwork to midcentury modern chairs to lighting from every decade.  Check our website often, because every single week we add between 50 and 100 new items.

So, this sunburst clock is totally retro sixties and would be a great centerpiece on a wall.

These four chairs and retro white dining table have classic retro styling, from the curve of the base to cup of the seat.

This set of two chairs are unique - straight from your neighborhood bowling alley.  You won't stumble across these at a friend's house - they are surprisingly comfortable, and great conversation pieces.

So, that was our first blog.  Okay, it didn't revolutionize the internet, but it was a good start, right?