Friday, September 12, 2008

LA2Day and some of Tom's favorite stuff

Okay, so Alexis and I still aren't in the habit of blogging yet, but we're gonna get better. I promise. And every time we blog, each of us is gonna throw up some photos of some of our current favorites from our inventory. Usually some of the brand new stuff that we've bought.

Most of this week was dedicated to reorganizing our storage areas. For those of you who come by soon, you better ooh and aah to Alexis about how much more organized our mini-warehouses are. Alexis put in some serious hours of sweat into making them more organized and accessible for browsing. (Hey, it's still like a giant treasure hunt if you come by to browse, but at least you can get to everything.)

Hey, there's other good news - we welcomed a new part-time member to thisisnotikea, Jimmy. We're a growing business and we definitely need the help, and Jimmy brings a great energy to the company. Of course, this being LA, he has his other entertainment industry job, as a really talented camera operator, but when he's not shooting, he's helping us out.

And in the next few weeks and months, there are other opportunities for part-time work for people who are organized, friendly, and would enjoy being a part of a quickly growing vintage furniture company. So definitely let us know if you're interested.

Gwen, a really cool writer and recent transplant from New York came by the other day to interview us for It's fun to meet people who get as goofily excited as we do about stuff like vintage furniture, estate sale finds and the fact that we are a green company. It's also really rewarding to feel like we are getting recognized as an interesting part of the LA design/vintage landscape. I'm looking forward to reading the article - and will let you know when it comes out.

Okay, it's 3 in the morning. How does this always happen to me? And people wonder why my facebook status is always changed in the wee hours - I start working on something and forget to go to bed.

Here are some photos of some of the stuff that I'm loving from our site.

First of all, this really cool white leather lounge. If I had room in my place for it, I totally wouldn't let Alexis sell it. And it actually isn't new. Alexis has been hoarding it for a long time, but he just doesn't have a place for it, so he's gonna give it up.

Okay, and this oval mirror is awesome and ornate, and would work as a counterpoint in a really minimal modern room or in a more traditional room. (and can you believe that Alexis took a photo of a mirror and he's not in it?)

We have a ton of floor lamps of all kinds, and this is one of the most recent ones that I really like. Minimal, retro, slim outline. And finally, this old metal industrial side table/desk. The sides fold down (as pictured), or go up for a larger surface area on top. Sometimes I have no idea what these industrial pieces were used for originally - and that makes them even cooler.


Katie Reihman said...

I searched all over your site, and I can't find where you guys are actually located!

I love your stuff, but putting the area that you're in would really helpful. LA is a big place!

MRA Mktg said...

I have one of these small black metal carts with the drop sides. Its in much better condition than this one here.

Want to buy it? Its for sale.
email me if you are interested.