Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LA2Day article, email newsletter and tons of new stuff!

Okay, so we have some awesome customers.  And some of those awesome customers have been secretly (or not so secretly) writers for some of the really big lifestyle and design blogs and websites around town.  We've had a couple of really cool write ups that I thought I'd mention.

First, here's the most recent one, from  Gwen Barba was the writer, and she was a sweetheart.  I've pasted the text from the article below.  You probably already know about, but if not, it's a huge lifestyle website with articles on everything.  We were spotlighted on their design focus section.

Thanks, Gwen!


If you haven't signed up for our email newsletter, do so from the front page of our website -  We just sent out our first newsletter yesterday, and I'm not gonna lie to's pretty darn cool.  We're going to send out probably 2 per month, and they will highlight new stuff, on-sale stuff, as well as special discounts and offers.

And if you DO receive it and want to introduce friends to, then forward the email or the website to friends.  We will love you forever.  And if your friends turn out to be a big spender, we'll probably be so grateful, we'll give you a discount next time.

And if you run/work at a blog, link to us!

Okay, we got a lot of new stuff, so I should probably talk about that, too.

Like this retro green bowl.  We have a TON of unique, vintage plates, dishes, bowls, breadbaskets, glasses, ashtrays and other stuff that you won't find anywhere else.  They are unique vintage pieces that will make great color splashes in your kitchen or dining room.

Or this strange yellow standing lighter.  I almost want to smoke, just so I can have this sitting on a side table.

A really great danish modern coffeetable, with display space for your coffeetable books.  the lines of the table and the splayed legs would be stylish in any room, but especially a midcentury room.

I have a soft spot for vintage steel pieces.  The desk in my office is a huge Steelcase desk that weighs about a million pounds.  This old metal file cabinet is both useful and an interesting vintage centerpiece in a room.

Alexis had to beat somebody away from this chair to get it.  That's all I'm gonna say.  The vintage furniture business can get ugly.  But he came away with this piece, and it's going to look amazing in someone's living room.

I usually hate anything woven or wicker-like, but these are great.  If someone doesn't snatch them up, they might go in my house.

Saturated color, good lines...these won't last long.

These fiberglass chairs always go quickly, especially ones in good shape like this, and in a color that will complement any color scheme.

Okay, and my favorite thing of the recent purchases.  If I had room for this in my house, you wouldn't be seeing it here.  I love the industrial look, and this is a huge, industrial Sonrisa style cabinet.  (Yes, I love Sonrisa, but their stuff is really expensive.)

There are a ton more online, so check out the website.  And if you haven't already, sign up for our email newsletter!  And thanks for being a part of making our business so much fun for us.

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The Bames said...

I want, I want, I want. Thanks you guys for proving that people can have great individual design on a budget - without going to the big blue box.

I don't live near you (or an Ikea) to shop for your stuff but thanks for the inspiration. I like Ikea for some things, but I love that you get actual personality in the peices you choose. Bravo!