Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My First post EVER!!!!/ New GIFT certificates!!

Hello people!

So, for a couple of months now Tom has been asking me to start posting on our blog, but there were 2 problems with that a) i'm not familiar with anything computer, so i had no idea how to do it and b) u guys have kept me pretty busy coming and buying furniture, which i love u for :) but it leaves me with little time to do anything else. Anyways here we are...  i'll use this first post to say thank you to everyone who's been here in the last 4 years, i feel extremely lucky to have stumble upon this little project we've created and to have met some amazing people on the way, and started good friendships that i hope last a looooooong time, even longer than the furniture you came to buy :) 

I also want to let everyone know that we finally got our GIFT CERTIFICATES I know many of you had been asking if we had any, we never thought about it until someone suggested it, so now we have them, and perfect timing cause the Holidays are around the corner and nothing says Merry Christmas better than a gift certificate from a cool online store! We have for any amount, so this can be for anyone! 

I will post more soon, promise, someone's ringing the door bell, i got to go show some furniture.... 
Happy Holidays!


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