Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey people!

Sorry for the title in spanish, i just got a bit homesick. unfortunately i didn't make it home (Mexico) this year for the holidays, so thisisnotikea has been operating and will be open these days, not the 25th or the 1st but other than that i should be around for anyone who wants to come by... i will be going out of town the 2nd week of January, so no thisisnotikea for that one WHOLE week! 

Anyways, enough about my schedule... I just finished updating the website with all the new stuff, i still have to name and price a few things but should be all done tonight... we got some cool new pieces so check them out... and i say "we" because now it's not only me doing the buying, Tim, a good friend of mine, has an amazing eye for this stuff, so after being around thisisnotikea for the last few months he now knows what to look for, and he did find some really cool pieces, like those 2 awesome lucite lamps, that was him :) or that cool stainless steel table that was added this week, that was him too.... so we're kinda growing! and we're trying real hard to keep bringing you more and more new stuff! cause it's fun :)

Happy Holidays and cover yourselves up, it's starting to get cold!!!


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